Expert in Family and Inheritance Law
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  • Counselling in the case of separations and divorces processes, as     contentious as by mutual agreement
  • Legal advice prior to marriages concerning Dutch, French, Italian and     Spanish family law as well as concerning international private law
  • Cross boarder pension claims
  • Assignment of child care and custody
  • Parenting plans. Shared custody
  • Regulation of the parent-child relation
  • Cross border visitation rights
  • Visitation rights for grandparents
  • Modifications of visitation arrangements
  • Claims of paternity and filiations
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  • Civil annulment
  • Agreements for future breakups
  • Drafting of pre-nuptial agreements
  • Liquidation of matrimonial property regime and liquidation of common property
  • Legal advice concerning the economic consequences of a divorce
  • Recognition of foreign judgements
  • International child abduction
  • Declaration of incapacity

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Inheritance Law | Inheritances

Discover everything we can do for you in matters of inheritance law:


  • Legal advice considering national and international inheritance law, including the legal and fiscal planning of intestate successions.
  • Legal assistance in connection with the defence of the heir’s interests in the courts and outside.
  • Claims of compulsory portions and legacies. Challenge of wills and declarations of heirs.
  • Intervention in the legal administration of estates
  • Intervention as executors and heir representative
  • Payment of inheritance tax and gift duty
  • Preparation of succession of a family-owned business

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