Elena Crespo Lorenzo

Family Lawyer in Barcelona

Elena Crespo Lorenzo - Family Lawyer in Barcelona

I have the pleasure to work in an international firm with complex cases throughout the national territory and with cross-border aspects. Family matters are probably the most important in the lives of people and especially when one of the parties is a foreigner and lives in a country that is not yours. In this area I advise with maximum intensity, delicacy and depth helping the client so that he can take the best decision in the family breakup process and especially when there are minor children. In my practice I always keep in mind the best interest of the child.

I want my blog to be useful, and helpful. Here I will share my experience and knowledge in this area of family law that I like and enjoy so much

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Custodia compartida

Joint custody and international couples in Spain: How does it work and when is it applied?

Nowadays there is a growing number of international couples, and that reality applies also to the European Union countries. Fortunately, ...

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Types of divorce: What legal steps can you take to end a marriage?

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How to deal with a couple break-up? Differences between separation and divorce

Facing a break-up is never a pleasant situation, and it is often painful: one can feel that their life is ...

Post Custodia compartida en caso de separación o divorcio

Joint custody in case of separation or divorce: How to obtain it?

The law is changing: norms and regulations adapt to new circumstances of society as the concept of justice and injustice ...


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Elena Crespo Lorenzo

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